Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a small world

When Lisa and I were in college we both worked at Tiedeman's men's clothing store in Platteville. Did you ever have one of those jobs where you felt more like family than employee? This was my one (and only) experience with that, and a major reason why I try to create a family atmosphere here at the studio. The Tiedemans are great people, real salt-of-the-earth, always-there-for-you types, and we remain friends after all of these years. How does this relate to the story? Hold on...I'm getting there. Last year about this time I received a phone call from Cynthia Kmidowski in North Carolina inquiring about wedding photography for her daughter, Kimberly. Cynthia was doing all of the planning for Kimberly while she was in China teaching with her husband to be, Tyler. Cynthia chose me to be the photographer (otherwise the story would end here) and when the contract came in, I found out the groom's full name: Tyler Young. can't be, can it? Yep, it is. Tyler is the grandson of Jack Tiedeman and the son of Tom and Kay Young, all dear friends of ours. They were just as surprised as I was when we all learned the players in our one-act wedding since none of them were in on the decision to hire me. I remember when Kay would bring Tyler into the store and he'd run around the clothing racks...he was probably 4 or 5 then. Now he's all growed up. :)

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