Saturday, August 22, 2009

A hot time in Markesan.

How hot is it in Markesan? It was so hot on Saturday that the bat flying around the church finally left to find someplace cooler. Now that's hot. It was a five Gatorade day on the thirst-o-meter. But the heat couldn't stand in the way of Jayme and Matthew (plus 1500 or so members of the Quade clan) saying "I do" in a beautiful wedding ceremony that was punctuated by a opera-quality solo by the pastor. He had some serious pipes! After a pit stop in Manchester, we
dropped by Jayme's house for some Rural Chic pics (my Urban
Chic fashion pics, country-style), then swung over to a lake for some cool shots on the pier. Then we capped everything off with a great reception at Beaver Dam Country Club (and I cranked the air conditioning on the car ride home). Thank you to Jayme and Matthew for a fun day, and thanks to the intrepid MaryBeth for doing an awesome job assisting while Allison and Krystal had their own Associate Team wedding that day.

See a show of Jayme and Matthew's highlights here.

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