Monday, August 17, 2009

Neither rain, nor monsoon, nor blistering heat nor biting mosquitoes, shall...blah, blah, blah.

Bobby and Christine's wedding was one wicked awesome day. They were, of course, fabulous in so many ways. Fun, relaxed, beautiful....and that was just Bobby. LOL. We started at 8 a.m. at Olbrich in a steady downpour. Every
time the rain let up and we considered going outside, it would renew with a vengeance. Whenever I said "I don't thinkthe heavy stuff will come in for awhile yet" in my best Carl Spackler imitation, it would, of course rain even harder. Needless to say, the wedding ceremonies were both held inside. Afterwards, we braved the rain to get some cool shots around the gardens.

After a quick break for finely
shaved roast beef and a
champagne toast (okay, it was Arby's and Miller High Life, "the champagne of beers"), we rocked some of my Urban Chic-style
shots with some cool old buildings. Then it was off to the Capitol for wedding party pics and an impromptu parody of "Rocky" by Bobby and the groomsmen. (See photo to see what I mean.)

After the Capitol, Bobby and Christine were game for
a "walkabout". A "walkabout" is where we just deviate from the normal path and find cool locations to shoot. And boy did we ever find cool stuff! Textures, colors and incredible light. A fire
escape for a little Romeo and Juliet action. Christine pulled off coy, aloof, passionate, vulnerable while Bobby was suave, rakish and commanding. What fun!

After a break for Christine to change back into her white wedding dress, we met up at Maple Bluff Country Club for the reception. Throw in some killer sunset shots by the lake, and all in all you have one fantastic wedding day.

To see a slideshow of Bobby and Christine's wedding highlights, click here.

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