Saturday, December 12, 2009

Superman + Superwoman = Superbaby?

What happens when two of the most fit and well-built (and nicest, by the way) people I have ever met get married? Two years later they have Tristan the Superbaby! Zach and Heather brought him when he was just a few days old. Now, this buff little guy is a bundle of fun at twenty-weeks old. I'll be seeing him again soon as I photograph his changes during his amazing first year. Our goal is to create a hardcover PhotoBook documenting Year One of Tristan.

2010 wedding dates are going fast

Tis the season to book weddings. And 2010 wedding dates are flying off the shelves right now. June, September and October are getting filled in a hurry for both myself and the Associate Team of Allison and Krystal. July and August will be going soon, too. Check your date before it is too late: or 608-846-5319.