Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fill-the-gaps spring wedding special

Just got back from the big wedding show in Madison. Had a really good show, booked a bunch of weddings and had a LOT of interest for 2011. (Sidenote: if you have a June 2011 wedding, you may need to move quickly because it seemed like at least HALF of today's couples that I spoke with are planning a June wedding for next year.)

Each year there are always a few interesting gaps in the schedule, like one or two months that are pretty wide open -- and it's different every year. Weird. This year, it's the spring, specifically April and May. So here's the deal (literally): I'd like to fill these spring gaps and roll right into a really busy summer. So if you call and book an April or May 2010 wedding, I will knock $250 off any of my wedding packages, and I'll knock $100 off any Associate Team package. Same great photography featuring two photographers, same great albums and products. They're just a little bit less in April and May.

This offer ends soon, so call or email now: 608-846-5319 or

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