Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fusion: A cool option for your session

You may be asking "what the heck is fusion?" Well, let me tell you. "Fusion" is a convergence of still images and video clips melded together into one multimedia video. The senior portrait spokesmodel promo videos shown on my blog are examples of this new medium. Fusion is first and foremost about super high quality portrait images; the video clips just add a sense of reality and motion -- almost like you were there to witness a fashion shoot in progress. And I think it adds an extra spark of coolness to the whole final product.

Can you get the fusion experience for your session? Yes! Just ask. :) There is no extra charge to add fusion to your session. As you probably expected, though, I will be selling the finished fusion video itself as an add on. So give it a try...if you like it, buy it. Plus I can do fusion for most any portrait session: seniors, children, engagement...whatever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010